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Thor God of Thunder – Video Review


Thor God of Thunder - Video Review


  1. I played this game its actually very good. There isn't really any glitches likes they say. The graphics are high standard,the sound is very good and the gameplay can be very addictive. IGN was very clueless on this one easily a 7.5/10

  2. this guy has no idea what he's talking about, this game is better than gta 5 it has more detail more prettier graphic  and the controls are incredible this game should get all the E3 awards and have game of the year award best I would rate it 20/10 best game ever made :p as you can already i'm joking 😉 this game is pile of wank

  3. This is such BS. I've seen countless great reviews by IGN so I know they have awesome video and editing captioning techniques. Yet, all his blatant hate for this game is backed up by almost zero footage of anything as bad as what he says. Critics everywhere blasted this game, but it's quite obvious they're just a bunch of gold digging bottom feeders at this point. Thor is one of my favorite games I've played for the 360. I do not measure my games in "moments" or I'd say Black-Ops was the best, I rate and overall consistant and powerful, bug free, fun experience. Thor gives you THAT. In my estimation, this is up there in the fun factor with classics of the system: Fable, Peggle, Tomb Raider, Halo, Minecraft, The Darkness (I), and countless others I can't name off the top of my head, this is at the top of my list and a proud addition to my collection. It's really sad IGN has grown too big to support something as useful as the TRUTH. 

  4. If you want better graphics and verse controls and terrible game go for the 3ds version if you want worst graphics but better game go for ds

  5. Rewatching all these reviews i guess we could conclude that unless you're Batman or Spider-Man your chances of having a good game are slim.

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