Home Videos Video: Microsoft announces Xbox One UK launch date, price

Video: Microsoft announces Xbox One UK launch date, price


Video: Microsoft announces Xbox One UK launch date, price

Xbox 'Scorpio' Price Leak (Rumor) & PS4 Exlusive Leaked For Xbox One.


  1. it'd not going to be 500 that's insane neo is 400$ it just can't it have to go 600$ to do 60fps 4k

  2. a price higher then 550$ is maybe not a good move. tecnaclally speaking you're right with alleged specs it will normally cost 600+ but the thing is the price of hardware is dropping. with that happening making consoles are getting cheaper. i mean we already getting a 3rd system and its only been close to 4 years. and another thing is competition. the ps4 pro cost 400$ (i saw FF15 up close and IT LOOKED BEAUTIFUL.) so charging 200$ more would turn people off xbox and draw them back to the cheaper option. also M$ may have learned their lesson about pricing. one of the reason people didn't buy at launch was because of the 500$ tag slapped on it where as the ps4 was 100 less despite having better hardware. this i just my speculation. either way i started saving up for it.

  3. Pc parts will drop in a year! The new Xbox will be 399-450. Why do you think they are waiting until next year? Parts to create this beast console will drop in price there for they can do a mass production of it at little cost. There for they can sell it at a competitive price. If they were going to sell it for 500 or more they would release it this year not the following. Yall need to think and stop being stupid about it.

  4. It's funny how people refer street fighter 5 as a ps4 exclusive even though it's on the pc aswell, yet the same people say that xb1 lost it's exclusives to the pc lol. Do you see the hypocrisy in these people.

  5. I'm not gonna lie if the Xbox Scorpio cost 800 bucks I would be happy. Cause it would have to be a complete beast to cost that much. But I'm expecting more along the lines of $600 max. I would love for my console to have $800 bucks worth of components in it. It would be a top tier pc at that price. And I know some people would say just get a pc and shit but I don't really like pic that much.

  6. The Scorpio is not going to be $500 if it has all this power it's going to be at least $600 to $800 if not more

  7. People will pay top 849 for this. They do it for cellphones. If its premium people will pay trust. People spend 1000s on shoe or shoes. Just start saving now. I recommend. Microsoft said this new premium machines is strictly for the gamers.

  8. I figure that Scorpio will cost at least $700.00 to $900.00. If you ask me people are better off building a gaming PC that can do a lot more than a simple game console can do.

  9. You have to look at the hardware. Its impossible for them to make a 6tf machine for $500. $600 would be very cheap for a system that can do that.

  10. I doubt they'll sell it at $500 because the tech they're using to make this isn't anything cheap, perhaps if they sell it at a loss and profiting by software sales idk what do y'all think?

  11. 1:50 I won't be surprise if they fuck themselves with $849.99

    They already fucked themselves over when they over priced it compared to the ps4 at launch lol

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