Home Xbox Games Virtua Fighter 5 – El Blaze Playthrough (XBOX 360)

Virtua Fighter 5 – El Blaze Playthrough (XBOX 360)


Virtua Fighter 5 - El Blaze Playthrough (XBOX 360)


  1. m8 how did u get the skilz with el blaze? i'm currently using him and wreaking scrubs with only kicks and punches but i need to learn how to use those sweet combos.

  2. Hey Gstar would you make a DOA5 playthrough? Akira, Pai and the Bryant bros are guests (IMO the best of the series)

  3. If I Signed in to your XBOX account playing Virtua 5, then it tell me your favorite character is:EL BLAZE

  4. You know…I'm start to think that El Blaze's mask reminds me of the Luchadore name Saruman's mask. It's uncanny but it start to make sense if you compare to El Blaze's mask and Saruman's mask together; it's the same mask.

  5. Such an underrated masterpiece. I know that when this game came out, a lot of people started to sell the game and gave up on because of its difficulty to get use to and its AI. I hate when it happens, a lot of fighting games here in U.S are ignored and forgotten because of its difficulty, accept if it's street fighter and mortal kombat. Most people here in America are close minded when new fighting games come out, and end up being forgotten due to their difficulty. Who noticed that?

  6. always thought it was strange how the developers chose to lighten Vanessa's skin for this game. i prefer her original gorgeous dark skin

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