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Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One 1080p HD Gameplay


Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One 1080p HD Gameplay


  1. Watching this guy play is painful to watch. He's way too erratic dashing everywhere and shooting everyone like an adrenaline junky. He's sort of forcing the game to play like GTAV but Watch Dogs 2 is no match for that style of play due the far smoother polished performance in GTAV. Watch Dogs 2 focus's on a slower pace making use of the hacking in a more strategic style of gameplay.

  2. Hello, good night from Spain! … I comment .. I have the Xbox One Slim .. and soon I will get the Ps4 Pro .. the question is .. I want to buy this game … but as they say the ps4 gets very hot And that .. and the xbox one slim is going very well … you advise catch it for the xbox? How's this for fps crashes?

  3. How is it? This is the first xbox one game play I've seen. Is the game running good? Is it downgraded from other versions besides maybe a little resolution? thanks.

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