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What’s up with this? (Xbox 360)?


So this is the second time I’ve had the ring of death and I’m pissed about it now. What do you guys think I should do? Get a new one? Get a refund? (I bought it like 7 months ago and I still have my 1 year warranty.) Throw it out the damn car window goin 75 on a highway? I need suggestions.

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  1. before you go throw away money on another system call the warranty department, tell them what the problem is and they will send a box to you to send back to them with your system.

    they will either fix the system like new or give you a brand new one. I went through the same thing a month ago, it took about 21/2 weeks but it was better then spending another $400 bucks down the drain

  2. What you and the rest of america should do is stop complaining about it.the reason people get it is cause OBVIOUSLY they paly/use their xbox for more than 3hrs.DUhhh.IT’S COMMON SENSE BUDDY!!

    i’ve had mine since it came out and i haven’t had any problems!

  3. Depends upon how many games you bought for it and how much you enjoyed your live experience. There aren’t any decent exclusive games out for PS3 yet and multiformat releases seem to play smoother on 360

  4. Throw away you xbox 360 get a PS3, my uncle replaced his 7 friggin times! im telling you, dont deal with this nonsense.

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