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What’s wrong with my PS3?


I’ve had a slim PS3 since the end of 2009 (October I think). Bought it shortly after my 60GB had YLOD.

Anyways, over the past year I’ve noticed that it gets extremely loud after about an hour. Regardless of what you are doing–whether watching a movie or playing a game–it will still get loud.

I opened it up 5 days ago, carefully cleaned off all the dust from the power supply, the fan, and the PS3 in general. But now, whenever I have the main cover attached, the PS3 always notifies me that the system is becoming hot. It says “The PS3 has become very hot, please turn the system off”, and then it turns off on its own about 5 seconds later. This message occurs only about 15-20 min after the PS3 has been turned on.

However, when I remove the main cover, this message does not ever occur. At the moment my PS3 is on and has been on for the past 3 hours. Still no warning. The PS3 isn’t even mildly hot. Some people have suggested that the fan needs to be replaced.but I don’t see anything to indicate that the fan is weak. It’s running smoothly and so is everything else.

Any ideas? There is nothing wrong with the main cover btw. It is just as it was before I cleaned the PS3.

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  1. Probably the thermal paste needs replaced. Old, dried thermal paste causes the GPU / CPU to become hot because it doesn’t dissipate heat as well and thus causing heating issues. So that would be the next step you should try.

  2. Might be time to replace the thermal compound inside your ps3. There are lots of videos online that will help you do just that. It may fix the problem. I too just recently dusted out my PS3, it's working just fine now. Hope you get it fix.

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