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why did MS make a new Xbox 360 with the 1 on it’s way?


so i just saw a video where Microsoft announced they are making a new Xbox 360 model i forget the name but it suppose to be quitter and do other stuff better than the Arcade and Slim. what i want to know is why make this with the xbox 1 being released in a few months.why make a new 360 when making the 1 and the same time. why not just remake the 1 so it would not get so much hate.

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  1. They new that play station was making a new one ps4 so they had rushed to make an Xbox one for more people to buy it so they get alll the money and for no one really to buy the ps4 but the Xbox one is rubbish the Xbox 360 is really good compared to the Xbox one, Xbox one they rushed so you can’t play with the Xbox 360 people and stuff

  2. They are trying to keep the xbox one and 360 running both at the same time. They want more money for two consels.

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