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Wont let me remove Credit Card with XBOX?


I just bought the 40% discount for XBOX live that is currently available. But as always I am paranoid and always remove my credit card information after I use it. But every time I try to remove the credit card I get this error “This payment option cannot be removed at this time. Go to the Payment method information page to view services associated with this payment option.” Anyone know how I can remove the credit Card info? I think its set to renew annually and I only wanted the 12 months, not a renew every year.

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  1. u can try going to xbox.com and signing in from there and manually delete it from there. thats what i did after getting a month for a dollar

  2. I had this constant renewal problem too, and the only way you can stop them from charging you year after year is by phoning them up and speaking to someone in person. which is a major pain in the *.

    That being said they were very helpful and i wasn’t on hold for very long

    but it is certaintly something more people should know about as i had no idea untill year two!

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