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xbox 360 elite system problems!?


I have an exbox 360 elite system and an xbox 360 wireless network adapter connected to my 360. but when ever i try to download something on xbox live it TAKES FOREVERRRR TO DOWNLOAD! its so annoying. But the wireless adapter that gives my computer internet is upstairs and the xbox 360 is downstairs. is that the problem? if it isnt please tell me what is!

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  1. First of all, ensure your wireless network is secured so that you’re not giving away free internet access to neighbors and passers by.

    Second, make sure your main computer is always SHUT DOWN so that it isn’t constantly updating / streaming from the network. Likewise if you use a network based back-up drive. Allow it to automatically image your system every few days but unplug it from time to time or that too will slow down your network.

    Think of your home network as a stready stream of water. the more it’s divided, the weaker it gets.

    If you must use wireless then I recommend getting a booster – these range from a replacement antenna (about $30, pretty good but not great) to another device that boosts the signal for added penetration. Such boosters vary in price from $80 to $200 but are well worth the price if you have to go through floors.

    Your configuration is better than mine because I have to place my modem downstairs and the WiFi signal distributes out and down. So I bought a replacement antenna and mini-booster. BUT. I hard wired my XBOX through the walls to help diminish, nearly elminate multi-player LAG.

    Good luck!

  2. Well it depends. It can be the distance of the router and your XBOX or it can be what type of internet speed. I have perfect connection running my XBOX through ethernet in my modem. In my opinion wired connections work better. But you should try moving the XBOX closer to the router and I guarantee you will have a better connection. Hope this helps.

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