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Classic Game Room HD – RESIDENT EVIL 5 review


Classic Game Room HD - RESIDENT EVIL 5 review


  1. re5 = good graphics, more weapons, totally reuse re4 models, not scary.
    re4 = good in everything.

  2. You know you can get the minigun in the game and did you know you can allow infinite ammo but just look it up how you get infinite ammo.

  3. I'm sorry the A.I. in this game was unforgivable RE6 got it right with offline play the A.I. was virtually invincible and actually helpful unlike Sheba who would run straight into a pack of lickers after she manages to take all ammo around ultimately screwing you over

  4. Chris Redfield is about as physically strong as Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman. The reason he's that strong is because, prior to the events of the game, he had to fight someone who is the Resident Evil equivalent of Bane and/or The Hulk: Albert Wesker, who, if you'll remember, has unnatural strength.

  5. I've been playing the Gold Edition for a'while.
    It's a fun game.
    Nice surprise for me, since I have heard so much bash about RE5.

    I played this game mostly with my friend.
    Co-op was a fun experience & I'm going to continue playing RE5 in the future.
    I did try playing this in solo & I haven't encounter much problem yet.

  6. I thought this was great for the co-op…sometimes, a game can just do one thing right and then I can forget all other flaws.  That co-op was a great move for the series!

  7. holy crap! is it true! was this actually a review that didn't even mention how bad the A.I was?!

  8. So fanboys are mad cause you have to put a little effort in this game…? That's bs, I loved the challenges and change of tone. Great game.

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