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do you think that PS3 should remake itself just to take out the bugs?(slowdowns, dust attracter, freezing)?


my PS3 has all of these and recently it crashed. after it crashed it froze when i was playin a game and when i restarted it it wouldnt let me play any more games when i put a game in it just keeps making it load it doesn’t show the pic of the disk it just has the white swirl at the top right corner of the screen. All my other things are functioning online messaging voice chat friends list internet ect. I have a 40 gig PS3 if any one can help me reslove this please help.

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  1. you must not care about it treat it right dont put it in a entertainment center put it in an open space so it will not over heat all it will do is recycle hot air and dust mine works great

  2. I’ve had my 60GB PS3 since it first came out over a year ago and I haven’t had any problems with it at all. I’ve been hearing a lot of people with 40GB and 80GB PS3’s on Yahoo Answers lately saying that they’ve had problems with their PS3 or the PS3 stopped reading the discs. The only thing I can tell you is to contact Sony.

    The 40GB PS3 is still under warranty because it hasn’t been out a year yet, and if you call Sony and tell them what problem you are having they will repair or replace the PS3 for free.

  3. depending on the year that the model was released it will have bugs in the system, more recent models will most likely have had these bugs removed

  4. Modifications are always being made to systems, just not typically announced. Better components and bug fixes and such. So yes, they are always remaking it.

    As long as you have your receipt, then you have your warranty through Sony. Look through the paper materials that came with it, you know, the ones no one ever reads. You still have them right?

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