does xbox 360 elites have jasper chip?

does xbox 360 elites have jasper chip?



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    Yes the Xbox 360 do have jasper chipsets which reduces the possibility of RROD (red ring of death)


    This is one awesome holiday bundle! I got it early because my previous 360 rrod’d and m$ said it would be $100 to fix it. So I went with the elite because the jasper chip that causes more efficient running, less heat and noise overall. I think. The two games are awesome, two that I wanted. I am 23 by the way, so for anyone that says 12 and under pfft, Lego series games are popular with everyone, and racing games are awesome. Pure is an off road extreme atv game where its all about the tricks you pull. Two very awesome games. I haven’t played them yet, but I’m a serious gamer so I watch videos and stuf like that. Xbox Live is THE STANDARD for online gaming now. Unmatched by anything else. It requires a subscription to play, but its worth it!! 1 month ~ $8 (if they still make those), 3 month ~ $20, and 12 month (with bonus month sometimes!) cards ~ $50. Thats about all you need to know.

    Oh so in the box is the following:

    -Xbox 360 console with the 120 gb HDD

    -One wireless controller

    -One Xbox Live headset

    -One ethernet cable (8 foot)

    -AV cable

    -Power brick + connector power cable

    -2 AA batteries (for controller)

    -Holiday edition Pure/ Lego Batman games! (comes in one case, 2 separate discs)

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