how does xbox live work?

how does xbox live work?


I was just playing against my brother on a LAN party on COD black ops 2. We both have our own xbox in our rooms, and they are both connected wirelessly to the router. how does this work? how does each xbox with the router and how can we see eachother on the LAN game?

also, how does a WAN party on xbox live work? like today I was playing lots of strangers in a game. how does this work? thanks

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  1. xbox live lets you play with millions of people around the world. The LAN connection you had was simply a wireless link between two xboxes without connecting to the internet. Xbox Live is AMAZING and it really is the thing that makes having an xbox worth it. Black ops 2 has an amazing multiplayer with over 50 different game modes and 14 maps which will be added to over the forthcoming year. Nearly all good games have multiplayer relying on xbox live and often rely on it for the single player. GET IT, xbox is not xbox without it, You may as well throw an xbox out if you don’t have live

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