Home Xbox Forum How much would i get for my xbox?

How much would i get for my xbox?


Has anyone recently traded in their xbox 360 to gamestop? I know i would get more for it if i sold it to a friend. All i want to know is how much i would get.

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  1. Yea i sold my arcade. I got $100 for it but i had a 20 gb hard drive and they gave me $16, i got $50 for 2 extra wireless controllers, i sold modern warfare 2,left for dead, and gears of war 2 an got $30 for those. So i got $196 total but in store credit. They said that i would get $123 in cash vut dats a rip off. If your going to sell your xbox 360 sell it now because they will only give $100 for a limited time. Then they will go back to giving $75. Hope i helped!!

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