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How to get XBOX ONE & 360 Games Free! LATEST METHOD! *WORKING* (SEPT 2016)


Yo guys what’s up Solitude here, And in this video I’m going to show you guys a glitch on how to get FREE xbox one and xbox 360 games! If you do enjoy make sure you hit that like button and subscribe for more! Also. 500 Likes for an xbox one s giveaway! COMPLETELY FREE! Enjoy. ALSO THIS METHOD IS 100% WORKING!

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How to get XBOX ONE & 360 Games Free! LATEST METHOD! *WORKING* (SEPT 2016)


  1. Anyone want to gameshare, I have:
    Mirrors Edge
    The Crew
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Forza Horizon
    and much more, only one rule though: I go first because I've been scammed multiple times
    Games I want:
    Watch Dogs 2
    Battlefield 1
    Flight Sim
    or a modded gta v account

  2. iam looking for nba 2k16 or wwe 2k15 or 2k16 i have rayman origins and the cave sorry guyz idont have lotof games because i buy xbox like 1 month ago i want gameshare my gamertag:OctavalPath9
    iam goldmembership

  3. can anyone gameshare Gta5 with me my gamertag is feassco i have over 40 games that anyone can have i just want gta5

  4. Anybody wanna gameshare??

    For xbox one only!!
    i have madden 16, nba 2k 16, the crew, rocket league.
    all i want is GTA 5
    kik- bradley_fredrick
    Gamertag- Ironn Gear

  5. anyone want to gameshare I have xbox 360 with gta5 all I want is Minecraft but I go first I'm sick of scammers

  6. anyone wanna gameshare on xbox one? i have watchdogs 2 pvz gw2 fifa 16 assasin creed unity what i want is cod infimite warfare

  7. omg in excited thank you kid
    my computer is being a little shit rn so I have to wait but I'm excited

  8. Anyone up for gameshare I want GTA V for Xbox one I have battlefield 1 (Brings Battlefield 4 As bundle) also have SleepingDogs and Outlast its scary

  9. anyone want to gameshare? (I go first incase of scammers) I have fallout 4, minecraft, terraria, rocket leage, bo3, cod infinite warfare, I want gta v

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