what do u think about girls that play xbox?

what do u think about girls that play xbox?


hi I’m a 14 year old girl and I wanna know your opinion on girl gamers because some times I get negative comments and remarks on Xbox live and they are incredibly offensive

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  1. It’s fine to play games whether you’re a girl or boy, aged 14, 34, or 84.

    As for the comments on Xbox live – sadly, that’s Xbox live for you. It is full of idiot trolls and you have to learn to ignore them. Their opinions do not have any value.

  2. I’m a girl who plays games on xbox I think its great there are girls who share my interests, they weren’t made for guys only :) As for those comments ignore them

  3. Stuff other people what they say there is always negative people even more so online love girl gamers nothing wrong with girls playing video games otherwise there would be no option to play as a female in games if they were for guys only

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