Xbox 360 menu/dashbard text is blurry!?

Xbox 360 menu/dashbard text is blurry!?


Xbox 360 menu/dashbard text is blurry!First of all i bought my xboxx not so long ago (1 month),hooked it up to my normal TV (lols i am too poor for HDTV :( )and evrything was fine untill today!I wanted to text my friend and i noticed the dashbored or the screen where you text the messeges is all blurry had to see.Then i relized only when you click your button in the middle of the wirless controller and that small menu pops up the text is bold and blurry.

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  1. yes,try a different input or tv. if the same prob occurs, then get the xbox fixed by microsoft (its free since you bought it for a month). if there’s not prob with it on other tv, i’m sorry to say that you need another tv

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