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1 Let’s Play Apache Air Assault (2010) Mission 1


1 Let's Play Apache Air Assault (2010) Mission 1


  1. Does anyone knows how to open a text dialogue so I can enter a cheat code? I just want to kick some pirate ass 🙂

  2. MAN i am playing this game from a pc…how can i lock the enemy with hydra? or hellfire? i cant find the buttons easily

  3. I would classify this game as a "Lite-sim" it is kinda like Strike Fighters 2 for the Apache. Some systems are modeled such as FLIR and the Helmet mounted display which is nice. The combat is more arcade since rockets reload and terrain masking is not a necessity also "locking" a target is just a button press, however on the unlocked difficulty after beating the game reloading of ammo is disabled which is a plus.

    The biggest reason why I think this game is more of a lite sim vs arcade is because the flight model is quite good. It's not a professional flight model, but more of an advanced flight model (In DCS terms) if put on realistic or the unlocked difficulty.

    Overall, if anyone can get their hands on this game, whether you're a hardcore DCS simmer or prefer lite-sims like Strike Fighters I would highly suggest Apache Air Assault. Just go in with your expectations measured. THIS IS NOT A HARDCORE SIM and as I said before the Strike Fighters 2 for the Apache. I just hope one day we do get study sim Apache with a good campaign.

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