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2 PlayStation’s 3 in the same house?


so i have a playstation 3 that is my dad but i never get to play it so i am buying my own will i have any problems getting online at the same time as my dad runing off of one router and we will never be play the same game if that helps

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  1. the only problem will be you won’t be able to play with your dad unless you play on a LAN game i have tried this before and online 2 ps3’s connected through the same internet cannot interact with each other.

  2. Your dad sounds like a dick if he won’t let you play his but whatever. It won’t make you lag.

  3. that’s such a waste.

    why don’t you ask your dad if you can use his sometimes.

    but watever floats your boat.

    no.there will be no problem running two ps3’s off the same router

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