7 Days to Die Xbox One Review

7 Days to Die Xbox One Review


7 Days to Die Xbox One Review


  1. Nice review! I got this game because I love ark and The Walking Dead is my favorite show so I thought it's a no brainer! But it's just a little disappointing. I'm still trying to figure out if it was worth it. The zombie horde after 7 days is real easy to get past. If that's the hardest part to get through and I can already do that after a short time, what's the point to keep going?

  2. It crashes like 3 times a night and I only play from 10:20 to 1 ish. Also depending on who knows what, your friends have a chance of not being able to connect to you at all.

  3. Great video and i totally agree. i was searching for Day-Z on xbox one and this is waht i found. my gamertag is robstaley and i started playing this recently. come play!

  4. Is their a coop barrier like in ark where u cant leave the other player and do yo own shite?

  5. Recently subbed and I have to say you're going to snowball into a huge channel if you just organize your channel page a bit better, don't forget about the basic "uploads" playlist! Great editing, great commentary.

  6. not a fan of minecraft but the survival horror and random gen worlds always gets my attention

  7. I keep reading reviews that the xbox 1 version has terrible FPS and constant bugs and crashes. Should people just get this on pc instead?

  8. Fix the god damn frame rate. Built a bad ass base and when the horde comes the game slows down to 5 below fps on solo. Ruined the game for me!

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