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Armored Core V Review


Armored Core V is out now for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and includes a total of 9 story based chapters, there are tons of parts available for your AC and you can customize everything from the paint work to the weapons.

After completing the game you’ll win ultimate weapons with immense destructive power, order missions and sub quests ensure that you have reason to play again, many of the levels give you reason to play again and the experience is extended by playing with others online.

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Armored Core V Review


  1. ACV SUCKS i cant play with any of my frends in US & japan coz the dumb bastards region locked it and now the game for me is fucking boring im going bk to acfa

  2. Not sure of the title, when you're modifying your AC in the game menu you can hear the music playing in the background.

    It was my favourite tune in the whole game so I thought I'd add it in, thanks for watching 😉

  3. Hang on…Lister was the hologram, duh!, how I could forget with the H on his forehead is unforgivable.

    I'd rather sound like Kryten, lol. Thinking back Listers sarcasm wasn't bad.

  4. Think I’d prefer to sound like the Hologram guy or Cat instead of Lister, he was my least favourite character.

  5. Thanks a lot for the sub, that inspires me to improve and I will with more practice, if you haven’t had a look already then check out my channel, I’ve recently done another review you might want to check out 😉

  6. I’m guessing you mean Craig Charles (Dave Lister) rather than Danny John-Jules (Cat), I think Craig sounds like he’s from Liverpool, hmm, not really hearing the resemblance to tell you the truth.

    As for Danny he’s from London, sounds like a proper cockney.

    Still, thanks for watching.

  7. Thanks very much but if I’m honest I’d say it still needs some work.

    Still, for practice what could be better than YouTube?

    I’m working on something else now, watch out for a new review in the coming days 😉

  8. You’re welcome, always nice to know you’re appreciated 😉

    The heavy hitters tend to focus more on the triple A titles when it comes to video reviews, I can understand why, popular games like COD generate massive amounts of interest.

    There was a time that games from Japan were the mainstream, these days not so much, now we have to consider ourselves lucky games like Armored Core even make it to our living room.

    Thanks for the sub and glad you enjoyed it. There’s more reviews on the way 😉

  9. Cheers for the feedback, sounds like you were happy with the review overall, I hear what you’re saying about rating the games.

    I’ll have to give dropping the rating system some thought, I’ve noticed other reviewers on YouTube that don’t rate their games.

    On the one hand ratings are good for giving a quick conclusion, I’ll play and review a game that’s received poor ratings but before I started making video’s I avoided them.

    Sometimes people enjoy games that get poor ratings!

  10. Thanks, when you say more depth do you mean more detail?

    I could have gone into more detail about Armored Core V, thing is I’ve recently shortened the length of my videos, people tend to watch the whole thing when they’re short and sweet.

  11. Thanks a lot for the review! It is hard to find informative review for this game, but I think you did a good job! I subscribed and can't wait to see what comes next. It is nice to see someone review less mainstream games.
    Anyway, keep it up 🙂

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