Can the ps3 play ps1 and 2 physical copy games? And questions...

Can the ps3 play ps1 and 2 physical copy games? And questions about extra storage?


I was thinking about upgrading (finally) to a ps3 sometime soon if I can save up enough money. I know I can download games off the network but would like to keep that to a minimum if possible. I hear that the older ones can which is great but I want to be absolutely sure before doing this. Also I was wondering about extra storage (memory card/usb) and was wondering what method I should use in case I were to run out of room. I still have my memory cards for my ps2 and ps1 games and was wondering if this would work. Thanks!

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  1. Almost same EXACT question as: [url is not allowed].

    ONLY older FAT models with 4 USB ports — specifically 20, 60 and certain 80 GB — could play PS2 discs. NO OTHER model is PS2 disc compatible.

    ALL PS3s can play PS1 discs, however.

    So the only way to play PS2 games on a new[er] PS3 is by downloading them from the PS Store.

    As for saving, it DOES have memory card slots, virtual ones. You have to create internal / virtual memory cards directly on the PS3 to save the games.

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