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Classic Game Room – ROCK BAND 3 review


Classic Game Room & CGR Undertow review ROCK BAND 3 from Harmonix, MTV Games and EA for Playstation 3 PS3, also available for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. CGR reviews Rock Band 3 for PS3 with Rock Band 2 instruments (that work freshy fresh). The big, new thing with Rock Band 3 is the ability to play with the new Rock Band 3 instruments in the Pro mode (Professional Mode) which play more like real instruments giving a much more challenging experience. Real musicians rejoice, pro mode is here! For the rest of us who enjoy pushing plastic buttons Rock Band 3 remains very similar to Rock Band 2 and works with the awesome Rock Band music store (as well as many tracks from previous games). New challenges and a new career mode await you as well as trophies and achievement points. Songs included with Rock Band 3 range from 80’s pop hits by the Cure, Big Country, INXS and Huey Lewis and the News as well as metal tracks from Anthrax and Dio. This CGR review of Rock Band 3 has gameplay from Rock Band 3 on PS3 showing game play during Rock Band 3 played solo and with bass guitar, drums, guitar and singing. This videogame review of Rock Band 3 includes positive reviews of the music from the game as well as a review look at the Ministry Track Pack 2 and Muse available from the Rock Band music store.

Classic Game Room - ROCK BAND 3 review

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  1. So what happened to Thunder Farse III that made them break up? Was there an argument about who should be front man? Or perhaps a deceased band member? All this and more when Behind the Music on Vh1 continues…

  2. I would love to see Derek sing "Sleep Now In The Fire" from Rage Against The Machine! Not to mention he kinda looks like the lead singer from them.

  3. Now that I've seen that Derek is a metalhead just like me, my perspective of his reviews have changed.

  4. My game system that I have most of my rock band games on is BROKEN! But I still have my wii with rock band, rock band 2, rock band 3, LEGO rock band, GH4, GH5, and band hero and all I have is a microphone controller and a drum controller with missing drumsticks and a missing foot pedal. I actually had to make home made drumsticks. I NEED AUTO KICK FOR ROCK BAND 1-3!

  5. Your game might be broken or your system might be worn out from lots of gameplay. I would be mad if my rock band broke or the system broke. My system actually did break. =(

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