Days Gone PS4 Gameplay – What They Didn’t Show You At The...

Days Gone PS4 Gameplay – What They Didn’t Show You At The Conference


Nathan and Dave talk about all the details we’ve uncovered about Days Gone

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Days Gone PS4 Gameplay - What They Didn't Show You At The Conference


  1. Days Gone
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    The Last of Us 2
    Uncharted The Lost Legacy
    These games are gonna be Awesome!!!

  2. the ammo for the guns is it like an unlimited ammo or do you have to find ammo around the open world?

  3. i have trouble understanding accents in general. And the host on the right side, might as well have been speaking chinese. I barely understand anything he says.

  4. My only problem is the way they weaken the zombies to where you kill them by the hundreds. It takes the scare factor out of it. Why I never liked Dead Rising. It's like "oh look, another horde I can mow down…" meh
    I'd rather be scared shitless by one dangerous zombie than a hundred punching bag zombies.

  5. it's a bit off putting seeing it as a survival esk game, but you have almost infinite ammo, unrealistic hordes of zombies, and just i haven't seen how much damage the zombies do but I'm just gonna guess they don't do a lot of damage to the main character. it seems like that Xbox zombie game, but the last of us and world war z all fused together, not sure how I feel about this still.

  6. im anticipating this as much as i am rd2. cant wait. i will be couped up till i beat it for sure ha

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