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Deformers University: Learning the Basics


Deformers University: Learning the Basics


  1. I LOVE so much the form designs, they are SO DAMN CUTE !
    Just make plushies are something that I can pet with my hands already !

  2. OMG i love this game Very Good Graphic.. Im gonna play this game NOWW IT STILL ON OPEN BETAA!!!!!!!!

  3. its a really childish game like its for kids but fuck it i aint giving 30fucks of what people say.

    (i said 30 cuz the game costs $30)

  4. I love the game but why is the game so blurry. I have max settings and no motion blur. Also for some reason it won't let me ready up into the game. Even switching between keyboard and controller. Finally please change the sensitivity onto a bar, it makes it much more usable. This game is awesome and has great potential but it just needs a little more work.

  5. not really my type of game, but I appreciate the refreshing idea. sick of all devs copying each other with idiotic mobas or RPGs.

  6. what happens in the case that two forms grab each other at the same time? does it just push each other away?

  7. Game looks great!
    One question for you Ready At Dawn, is internet connection required? My wife and I do not have wifi. We're looking for couch co op fun!

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