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First 30 Minutes: Motorcycle Club [PS3/PS4/PC]


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Rev your engines, because speed and strategy are required to complete the dynamic challenges found on the true-to-life tracks of Motorcycle Club. Build and manage your own club, purchase real-world bikes, and create rosters in the game that allows you full control of where and how you ride! Race 9 fast and furious superbikes, 10 roadsters, and 3 spectacular custom bikes across the USA and Japan in this realistic arcade-style racing revelation

First 30 minutes of gameplay from the video game Motorcycle Club

Recorded on the Playstation 3 version

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First 30 Minutes: Motorcycle Club [PS3/PS4/PC]

Create your very own club and go against other players in the lightning fast world of motorcycle racing. Speed and strategy are required to complete the dynamic challenges found on true-to-life tracks and terrain across the planet. With a wealth of superbikes, custom bikes and roadsters to choose from, you’ll have to decide how to best handle a variety of dangerous landscapes that offer an exhilarating step into the untamed world of moto sports.

Motorcycle Club

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Motorcycle Club Trailer | PS4, PS3


  1. Wall riding simulator 2015, is what this game should've been called. Braking? PFFTTTTTTT, That won't save you from slamming into the walls.

  2. Worse than Driveclub, no doubt. Why did Sony let them publish this game to the Ps4? It deserves much more than…this. When will Sony start testing or atleast trying this type of games before they let it come to the Ps4?

  3. ROAD RASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Where's the kicking and punching and smashing of faces with chains and bats? =(

  4. +playstation this games is going to be free to play 'recaude the graphics are sucks for be ps4

  5. Ce jeu arcade c'est sympa mais c'est pour quand un vrai jeu de moto de simulation de conduite comme gran turismo ? C'est cela que les amateurs de bécanes attendent en 2015 !

  6. Ps should make a biker boyz game or one yu can go and ride through yur own town and drag race yur friends yu kno and can customize yur bike as in stretching turbos neons etc. That would be awesome

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