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GameStop’s BS Pre-Order System, Early Access For PS4, Watch Dogs Ships 8 Million – System Update


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GameStop's BS Pre-Order System, Early Access For PS4, Watch Dogs Ships 8 Million - System Update


  1. Now they are even more scumbag about it wether it's good ppl or not GameStop is turning their employees into pieces of shit liars! Cuz they get fired if they can't force people into a preorder deal which they've zero control over so they're encouraged to do wtf ever they have to save twisting ur fkn arm and leg or physical assault to force u into it! They now lie "oh yeah preorder and u get a beta key on the receipt " ok well I do not preorder anymore since 2yrs ago I got burnt on literally every single game! Even the master chief halo collection ffs that was an easy A but they fucked it up! So I get home and notice that the codes missing I call and ask they tell me "oh they closed the beta and stopped giving out codes yesterday" WTF WTF DIDNT THEY TELLE WHEN I WAS IJ THE FUCKING ASS STORE THE KUNTS! Expect more of this from ubishit! U wanna know if u will like our game? Well go against ur stance on the issue ad put our #'s up so we can hype this piece a shit known as the division which is going to fucking suck! It's the gears of Destiny essentially and from fkn Tom Clancy ffs in ALL of his games I want 1 shot head shots and 100% realism not fake ass destiny style dump 10billion rounds into an enemy to kill it ffs! I can tell from watching gameplay it sucks! But I wanted to try it so that's how this happened and now I'm going to cancel my order and they won't be affected at all cuz that "shipped copy #" will still look better on paper than it actually was and still will appear to be successful more than it truly is on paper until week1 when everyone's burnt and hates the game bitches but by then it's too fking late!!!! Ffs just like "straight outta Compton" the scene where they protest by breaking their copy of the CDs well same exact shit here they're laughing like dre was and said "why do we care wtf they say or do with their copy they already paid for it we still got paid so fuckem now how can we do it again next mo again in 6mos & next year hahahaha (*evil cobra laugh)" fuck them! And gs & the industry the lies shit quality the Xbox TV ffs 1500x's they said TV and said games less than 10 on their release press conference some insanely ridiculous number like that for the ratio of TV to games for a fkn game console ffs I'm fed up with the industry no good games since dragon age inquisition halo4 bad co 2 bf halo3&4 very rare to have any even just decent games on xb1!

  2. Here's the logic behind my buying trial games such as ARK survival evolved & elite dangerous, were NOT getting the full fucking game from full priced shitty ass games like the one ur playing now worst dice game ever! Next to MOH neither here or there but if I'm going to pay $70 for a "full finished title" and end up with only half the fucking game and then asked to spend double $120 for the season pass+game then I'm paying literally double the price of a game for a mere shitty expansion pack! And the question of how much of that season pass content was ready at launch!? So wtf other than greed couldn't it have been included!? Same shit with SWBF! And too many to count and these season passes are absolutely shit! Not a single one has been worth it! None ever I regretted every single season pass I'd ever bought they only last a fucking week or 2 after t releases then it also divided the community and player base of said games int haves have nots so fuck dlc like that must be free! And make single player shit or coop online something other than shit that divides communities behind pay walls! Ok now why'd I buy elite dangerous well let's see they promised that for my $30 investment I get unlimited access to all available current and planned future content for that 1/2 price of any triple A or even not just some unknown shit game unheard of pushed out like a serious Sam game there was zero hype about etc. never played or heard of can not return it if it sucks! And that's full price! So fuck that! Now with this trial program they say yeah it's not complete but play what's available and more comes and has been and keeps doing so as time goes on new content I also was able to try the game before buying for at least an hour to decide if I'm even interested in it & would care to have new content. So besides that I'm supporting a well known indie developers who have a history for making great games in the past that I enjoyed on PC. Now ark will get finished cuz there's way too many people who play it more than elite even and its ight not my favorite but I'm playing these games much more than I am with fucking "tripleA" shit is wtf it is nothing AAA about grade AAAshit! Literally every fucking game! For the last 3+years the last game that was worth it was halo4 & titanfall which the latter got boring asf fast asf! So that's why I do it and not often these are the only 2 times. But I've got another story !!!!!

  3. Gamestop is now becoming a corporate clit for publishers to handing out exclusive DLCs to them. They should be released on any digital media service than on Gamestop!

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