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Gamestop’s Huge PS4, Xbox1 and Wii U Bundle!


Game Stop is trying something new this year. They decided instead of trying to sell the current generation consoles for a reduced price, they just threw them all together for one great price However, could it be too good to be true?

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Gamestop's Huge PS4, Xbox1 and Wii U Bundle!

PS4 SLIM - COD Infinite Warfare Early Access Bundle - Unboxing

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  1. it's a good deal if you don't mind used hardware. I would pass simply bc it's used, especially when it's used from gamestop. they don't do proper checks on hardware that's brought in to them. if it turns on and stays on for 5 to 10 minutes, they take it. I only personally know one person that bought a used system from gamestop. my cousin. bought a used 360 and it still had the precious owners live info and credit card info

  2. this bundle still has me thing about it i was thinking if you sell the console you have in the bundle all you are really paying is 400 dollars for two consoles

  3. will gta5 will have same high graphics in ps4.slim as in old ps4 ???? I am in doubt that the ps4.slim will not give graphics like old is it true??

  4. i just want to say first what iam going to tell is the truth i am living in Kerala which is in India I am working on an orphanage for handicapped children and everyone in the orphanage have leg related problems what I am trying to say is that they can't play like others they can't even walk properly so I think this ps4 would mean a lot to them so please that's all I have to say i f I win notify me via email my email is umamenonvakkayil2@gmail.com please these kids were left by their parents they don't get presents from any one even on Christmas and it was me who brought them some chocolates on Christmas Eve´╗┐

  5. Really that's lame . You get a case with just downloads .-. I live In Canada so hopefully it's different . Cause this bundle here . Comes with a 500 gb not a 1tb . So like they better have a disk cause that would be pretty bs lol

  6. i buy call of duty bundle and i send to my relative but when they open there is no disc??how can they play that??pls help me…tnx

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