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Help, Xbox problems.?


I turn on my xbox and I can hear everything but my screen is black. The setting is TV cause i dont have HD. I also figured out it wasn’t my cable because the same thing happened when I used my friends cable and my Tv show other chanels just fine. The fate of my life depends on you. Also how do you best answer?

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  1. Is everything pluged in all the way? Hit TV Video/Imput a few times till it comes up. if that dosent work then your Tv is screwy.

  2. Try pressing the “Video” button on your TV.

    Otherwise, go here for help:

    [url is not allowed].

  3. You hear sound but not picture?

    Are you using composite cables? The Yellow, White and Red ones?

    The fact that you have no picture mean two things

    1) Your Yellow cable for video from your Xbox is loose or plugged in wrong.

    (or the whole cable is bad)

    2) Your tv has comething wrong with it. (broken tube?)

    Try powering everything off, make sure all your connections are secure and in the right place.

    power on your Tv and xbox, should work.

  4. Hmmmm. well I kinda had the same problem with one of my TVs, I could hear sound but no picture, and I had to press down on the cables connecting to the TV. It is sort of hard to explain. Maybe it will work.

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