IGN Reviews – BioShock Infinite Review (Xbox 360, PS3)

IGN Reviews – BioShock Infinite Review (Xbox 360, PS3)


IGN Reviews - BioShock Infinite Review (Xbox 360, PS3)


  1. Quick recommendation
    Play with the frame limiter off as i don't really notice any graphical differences other then some slightly lower polygons from a distance but the game plays at 60fps and still looks damn good

  2. I remember seeing the twist for the first time. I legit fell off my couch and I couldn't go on for a good ten minutes. My mind was meltedc

  3. Probably the best overall Bioshock because its gameplay is much improved over Bioshock 1 but to me nothing beats Rapture. The audio diaries and characters like Sander Cohen and Dr. Steinman and Suchong are just better. Bioshock 1 will always be my favorite but this is an overall better game. Now if they remaster Bioshock 1 and give it some gameplay tweaks, my life would be complete because the Bioshock series is something I play through every single year..

  4. I compare several website PS3 'top 10s' and this is in those top 10s! So its in my PS3 top 10! .. Should i buy it guys?

  5. so the main flaw on the consoles is occasional frame drops. noted.
    of course the pc version didn't get the original experience either.

  6. One of the best games I've ever played. Better than the original in my opinion. Anyone who hasn't played this definitely should do.

  7. Hey what are all the actions you do i mean is it lyk cod bo2???
    Are there minigames???
    its my first cd!
    or instead of this which else game can i buy for my xbox 360 (not tooo costly)
    Pls reply!!!!

  8. IGN must suck PC gamers' dick. I don't have any issues with PC games just that IGN seemed to be a fanboy or at least this guy doing the review is. IGN should be unbiased on their reviews unless its an exclusive title.

  9. Running around Smashing the loot button and spray and pray kind of game , not Rly my type .. the Story is kinda cute and all but not enough to keep me cming back or playing again
    I give this Game a 5/10

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