Is a $100 Game Console Worth It?

Is a $100 Game Console Worth It?


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PlayStation TV vs Nexus Player vs Fire TV, what’s your pick?

With 0 set top boxes like the Sony PlayStation TV offering serious gaming cred, is it actually worth it to buy one of these ‘consoles’ like the Amazon Fire TV, Asus / Google Nexus Player?

Being able to play PS Vita games along with PS1 Classics, PSP titles and PS3 and PS4 games via PlayStation Now and PS4 Link streaming is a huge plus for the PlayStation TV but with both the Fire TV and Nexus Player running a version of Android it’s not as simple as how many games you’ve got.


Is a 0 Game Console Worth It?


  1. a bards tale is a great game with controller support. one of my favorite handheld games.

  2. You pay 100$ for the Playstation TV. You pay 50$ more and you got yourself a xbox 360. Spend another 50$ and for 200$ you got yourself a xbox 360 with 500 gb hard drive. Doesn't make sense!

  3. Hi Austin Evans,
    I really like your Youtube Channel. It is fun to watch. Your videos are great.
    Please keep up the good work!

  4. Fire TV > PS TV | PS TV > Nexus player | Nexus player < Fire TV

    Fire TV wins in my opinion, with PS TV in 2nd.

  5. PlayStation TV can i be able to do the functions as the PS4? join friends voice chat? I might sell my Regular PS4 & get this while I save up for the PRO

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