Is there any way i can deactivate all of my ps3 at...

Is there any way i can deactivate all of my ps3 at once?


I bought some dlc for COD Ghosts and it wont let me download it because its saying i need to deactivate a ps3

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  1. Yes, through the SEN website:


    Account Management, including your devices, can be accessed through SEN. To access your account online, go here:

    [url is not allowed].

    Login with your PSN E-mail address and Password.

    Go to Devices tab then PlayStation Systems.

    Select My PS3 System(s) (or PSP) then click Deactivate.

    Note that this can only be done once every 6 months.

    You can now re-activate your account on your device(s).

    To prevent further account activations or unauthorized activity, be sure to change your password so that next time they attempt to access your PSN account, it will ask for the new password and they cannot log in.

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