Lord of the Fallen easy EXP trick

Lord of the Fallen easy EXP trick


A guide showing you how to pull off a 1300XP (2.00 multiplier) every 10-15 seconds. Now, keep in mind this IS a BS way of playing the game and I definitely urge you to play through the game “legit” at least your first go. This will make the game “too easy” for you and you might get bored! Info on how to reach this location below.
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How to reach the start location in the video –

The back entrance (which you need to do the dagger quest from Yetka to get the key) is inside a tower, just after you get the gauntlet item/the tower right before the save point before you fight the commander. There will be an archer and a sightless monster on top of this tower You go inside the tower. Inside you’ll find an Axe wielding Rhogar and a swordsman might come in as well, depending on how loud your character is. Defeat these two and go down another level, which you’ll find a poison spider (unless you killed it already). On this floor, literally right beside the stairway leading down to this floor, is a door. Open this door and go down some more stairs and you’ll find a sightless monster that you have to kill 2x (the reviving ones) on an outside looking “catwalk”. Follow this path and you’ll get to the exact area as I start in on the video.

Lord of the Fallen easy EXP trick


  1. very-VERY helpful bro, thank you so SO much! i literally lost 24k exp and then 18k and then again 4k all in one. i got soooo mad but with this little nice trick i can get all the exp i need. thanks again :)

  2. there's another area where i'm at and these 2 dog/dinosaur things kill each other, 1 dies & you kill the other… i do this on repeat bc like this video i walk in & out of a door, too

  3. u need to give the woman the daggers and shell give you catacombs key just explore dont need a walkthrough to explore the cata ombs its not open world lol..good vid dude imma try it out

  4. I beat this game yesterday and had 58 audio notes. Accidentally went into the final boss fight thinking I'd find a couple more. Then I beat the boss and now I'm in ng+ fuuuuccckkk. I was thinking of platting this game but the gameplay is so slow and rugged. I'm too used to the fluidity of Souls gameplay I guess.

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