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Lovely Planet Review


  1. I played a demo of this a while ago. I can definitely agree with all the points. It's an utterly bland experience with pretty poor controls.

  2. The presentation kinda reminds me of the Katamari setting. Very quirky. Might give it a shot soon. Great review as always K.

  3. I disagree with the funfactor. Or maybe I don't. I don't know. Maybe I'm just caught in its charm. I don't know since I'm just watching and not playing. Maybe I'll have a try.

  4. man what are you on, this game is too fun. you're meant to play it in short bursts, not get 'immersed' in the world. and the collision detection is spot on. please. of course this game requires you to die to learn, its more like super meat boy than halo. you comparing it to other FPS games shows that you're totally missing the point. this is just a point and click platformer. memorization and trial-and-error IS gameplay. thats like saying RPGs are shit cause you can't get headshots. just because you dont like the type of game does not mean that it isn't gameplay.

  5. does katamaris art style not please you either? I'm just asking because that's what I'm instantly reminded of and I kind of love both art styles.

  6. It looks like Mr Sparkle from the Simpsons and the Fruity Oat Bar commercial from Serenity got together and had a not-so-fun baby and thus Lovely Planet was squeezed out.

  7. I played it on PC and approached it like a puzzle game, where figuring out the exact moves required to get all three stars was the challenge, and the shooting and jumping were just the means to that end. I can see how playing this on a gamepad could make it a miserable experience.

  8. happy New year karak. hope your channel keeps doing well, and I mean it when I say this, we need more reviewers like you around.

  9. This seems like it is actually not fun. Like the antithesis of fun. Every death seemed unjustified. NOPE. And I've beaten every Souls title, I can take some punishment!

  10. Yeah typically one of those 'I had fun with it for about an hour or two and then I never touched it again' kind of games. Not very engaging.

    Best thing about the music is that you can turn it off, so that's a nice feature 😉

  11. Wow, they've put some of the things I hated while playing games:
    – timed levels (all of them! sure, I can forget it exists and move on without any remorse, but being there just scratches me),
    -no crosshair,
    -no enemy variety,
    -samey level design over and over,
    -japanese-ish weird look (hey, that's just me, I can only see those bad japanese flash games I've played when I was a kid since I hadn't discovered the real game world, ugh! bad times),
    -unfair gameplay (learn by dying over and over, like Karak said).
    Sorry, but this looks like a fresh steam greenlight come to play with the big games.

  12. Just looking at it gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseous. No joke. Just from watching this review I had to lie down. I think the lack of textures is disorientating. And other than that, it just looks like a banal piece of crap that only the Japanese could think is "cute" with their bizarre brand of light-heartedness.

  13. Played it on the PC… for a like 20 minutes. Lost interest and uninstalled.

    What I don't understand is how anyone can play ANY fps game with a controller. It is soooo hard for me.

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