Mass Effect 2 PS3 Gameplay

Mass Effect 2 PS3 Gameplay


Mass Effect 2 PS3 Gameplay


  1. I love Mass Effect, but after restarting the series for the first time in five years, I realized how primitive the first Mass Effect is. I wanted to carry my character throughout the three games, but it's fucking painful to finish it. I just skipped straight to the second one.

  2. "take down the target with the lazer gun"
    "get moving.. we dont have much time"

    if i'd like to be bossed around i would marry my boss!

  3. If i was talking to someone an i he / she gave me a blank stare for 10 seconds on a pending respone o__________o i'd walk away.

  4. @xXdark6master6zeroXx do you use ps3? do you know anything about the ps3? the ps3 does not have triggers and the L2R2 buttons are not good for shooting on ps3, just like the xbox, you wont use LBRB to aim and shoot

  5. Nice video, and got this game on order..look amazing..ignore the gay troll dicks on here who have nothing better to do than preach hate all day..cheers uploader :)

  6. the enemies in this game must be 0bamabots and libtards trying to infect the world with marxism and turn the USA… into the USSA. *l*

  7. @Focuz3d the design looking of the X button is for the ps3 controller it is light blue looking and the xbox's X button looking is dark blue.

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