Moving to PAL.about my Xbox 360.?

Moving to PAL.about my Xbox 360.?


I am moving to a PAL region. Is there anyway I can make my North American Xbox 360 work there?

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  1. i would say no. The games and xbox are made to work only in xbox 360 if they are made there. If you move to a new region, then an xbox made in usa will not work because its encoding is made to work with the NTSC. A PAL system probably wouldn’t be compatible.

  2. dont move to pal pal sucks stay in united states its the best country in the world bill gates lives in the united states and hes the xbox head honcho

  3. Yes it would actually work, providing 2 things :

    Firstly, you use a TV that is compatible with NTSC and PAL, if you are using HDMI or Component this would not be a problem

    Secondly, you look into the voltage differences, in North America its 110V, in europe its 220V, depending on the PAL region you are moving to, you may require a step down voltage converter to match the voltage of your power supply.

    However, one important thing to take into consideration is your future games purchases, quite a number of 360 games are region locked, meaning that you cannot guarantee that if you were to buy any future games in a PAL region, they may not work on your North American system.

    So its more a matter of weighing up how many games you are taking with you against selling and buying a PAL system and re-buying the games, don’t forget you could always just order new games from North America online at Amazon etc to play on your North American console.

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