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NBA Live 14 – Review


NBA Live 14 - Review


  1. This awesome (yet well deserved) suckage from Nba live, got me thinking this what they get for buying the rights to make Nfl games.

  2. Same with 2K 14 2K 14 is the worst basketball game I ever played so unrealistic I would pay NBA live 14 and get my moneys worth

  3. This isnt a competition anymore. Its a raping of once a proud franchise. Im all for a good competition between games,but if a game is so shitty its not a competition anymore. 

  4. Everyone is bowlegged.  I am not an EA hater–Madden is great, and so is FIFA, and they have put out a TON of great games over the years.  But this games shows how out of touch EA has become with their fans.  How do you test this an not see how terrible it is? then come out with a whole campaign and waste all this money, knowing NBA 2K is so much better?  It's like it was made with zero consultation to someone who has actually watched NBA basketball, and thought, "the people just care about dunks anyway…"  Seriously, the AI in NBA live 2005 was better…how do you go backwards so profoundly?

  5. Its honestly embarrassing to call this next gen and I know people say ''Gameplay over graphics'' but even the gameplay is shit …oh ea you fucked up so much again :/

  6. Yes the graphics are very bad but I actually like this game and I own 2k14 also and I play this more

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