Nights Of Azure Part 1 – PS4 Let’s Play Walkthrough – The...

Nights Of Azure Part 1 – PS4 Let’s Play Walkthrough – The Red Moon And Eternal Night


Nights Of Azure Part 1 - PS4 Let's Play Walkthrough - The Red Moon And Eternal Night


  1. Just bought this today. Wanted to watch game play before it arrives looks like a great channel so I've subbed. Keep it up

  2. This is the first time I've seen an Anime/Game character hates boats. (Well, Natsu from Fairy Tail doesn't count.)

  3. I clicked cause of the full series. Subscribed not even half way through video for funny comments.

  4. As for the 'boob off', why not both? And for the Waifu material one, id have to go for Arnice.

  5. I was listening to Ultra Violet of PXZ 2, then i was directed to " Malicious Rose" of Night of Azure. So i decided to search for a bit of info. At first glance, i doubt that this game is kinda yuri-intended ;))

  6. If I ever write you into one of my books, you'll live in a place where the population is primarily human: in my storyverse, half the global population has taken on some sharply paranormal aspects at the "cost" of some of the more extreme gender differences (those ladies still have boobs, but on a 0-10 scale they're never larger than 5), so you'd only have the views you love talking about if you lived among the more normal humans.

  7. Wow, that's a really ironic name; isn't "blue blood" also a term for nobility?  And now we have this monster-making stuff called that.  Names aside, something like this just happens to be in the books I'm writing (and it's found by way of something between Bermuda Triangle and Scramble Pentagram).

  8. Oooooo it's like that real time combat SMT game on the PS2.
    Ok I'm probably gonna get this. I friggin love Monster Collectors.

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