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Optical Cable not working on PS3 games and Bluray Movies?


Okay, so I got an Optical Cable and hooked it into my PS3 and my DVD/Surround Sound. Now when I’m on my PS3’s main page, the sound works fine for game trailers and stuff.

But when I choose to play a PS3 game or Bluray movie, the sound gets all buzzy and weird.

I think that it’s disconnecting from the Optical Cable since whenever I load in a game or movie, I get the message “An unknown USB has been connected” or something along those lines.

Any ideas on whats going on and what I should do about it? Why does it work fine on my main PS3’s system, but completely gets screwed up in a game or movie?

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  1. I had that problem with my music on ps3. I called playstation tech support (great by the way) they told me to hold the on/of touch button for several seconds and that would reset the system setting. It worked perfectly for me but i realize that’s not very specific ( i dont remember exactly) i recomend calling the playstation tech support, ive never had to wait on hold for more than 5 min. and they’ve always been knowledgable and have helped me fix the problem.

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