Playstation 3 slim 320gb or Xbox 360 slim 250gb?

Playstation 3 slim 320gb or Xbox 360 slim 250gb?


Now, I have a psp. I am not a fanboy of either sony or microsoft, my main use will be to play hand-to-hand fight games like “EA Sports MMA”,”Tekken”,”UFC” etc which are available on both consoles. Overall which console is the bang for buck as they both cost almost the same.

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  1. Most definitely the xbox. The main reason being the controller, the controller for PS is terrible. Also the XBOX dashboard is so much better, they constantly stream free news and * like that.

    Note: People will say “Don’t get an XBOX 360, you’ll get red ring and it will break constantly.” but that was only the case with the 1st Gen (Big white one) the new ones are incredibly reliable and quiet. Don’t listen to these PS Fanboys, their just upset because they know that no serious competitive gaming happens on PS, because all the good gamers play on 360.

    XBOX Live is worth the $50 a year, it’s so organized.

  2. go for a play station 3, besides the stability of the whole system * no RROD, i’ve had my for over 3 years now and its actually as good as new.* an xbox generally lasts 1 or 2 years unlit it starts freezing and dying on you, you also have an option of upgrading your system with a 750 gb 7200-rpm drive with a standard laptop HDD, unlike the xbox and not to mention the amazing library of exclusive games like MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted, Rachet and clank, resistance etc. + an amazing inbuilt blu-ray player. in the end its all up to you. spend your money wisely. Good luck mate.

  3. ps3 has cool exclusives + powerful console , go for it if you are interested in future.

    but if ur from USA go for the xbox 360. it has great online playing worth what u pay for it. it has its own exclusives too! like halo series.

    see what most your friends have. if xbox then go for xbox , if ps3 then go ps3. you would be able to play online together and share games with each other.

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