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Portable PS4 & Xbox One System!!


Portable PS4 & Xbox System: I check out the portable Xbox, PS4 and overall console system. It’s the GAEMS Vanguard. Hopefully you enjoy this portable Xbox One, PS4 & console system video.


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Music by: https://www.youtube.com/user/MDKOfficialYT


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Portable PS4 & Xbox One System!!

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  1. TSA thinks its a bomb and ignores the ticking suit case, instead getting that guy with the xbox.

  2. I say a solar case with a built in battery and a TV in it and a console would be worth the money

  3. Hell nah bro. If I'm on a plane and someone playin Xbox In front of me we gone have some probs. 1. The sound from his controller and Xbox are gonna fuck me up. 2 that bitch gone be blowin heat. And I can't relax with heat

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