PS2 Classics Coming to PS4?! Sony TGS 2015

PS2 Classics Coming to PS4?! Sony TGS 2015 [LTPS #170]


PS2 Classics Coming to PS4?! Sony TGS 2015 [LTPS #170]


  1. Damn it Naughty Dog….. We want NEW JAK & DAXTER, Really don't care about them anymore since PS3 and Uncharted started :(

  2. Well, I'm glad Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) might get a re-release, but what about the FIRST Dark Cloud? Especially considering that the first one DEFINITELY deserves a RE-SUB (all those spelling errors and possible mistranslations can be fixed with ease because there's no actual voicing to rerecord, just typing)!

  3. Dark Cloud 2… :') I can finally finish you. This game was so amazing. The only problem was I was too little to understand some of the building concepts so I was never able to beat it…

  4. id love ps2 b/c to come out the rumors have been floating, i think it will to counter act xbox 360 b/c for xbox one…

    i say they should do this and just allow ps3 games only fo ps now. And there you go.

    Then again i would have loved sony more if they made the super slim ps3 b/c again. It would have been one hell of a way to end the ps3 line.

  5. The PS4 should have a decent enough GPU for doing some simple upscaling on PS2 games. Hopefully Jake Stine(Technical lead for PS2 backwards compatibility) can optimize the emulation well enough to get good performance.

  6. i love dat and its very challenging with international contents(like dark aeons). its worth buying yah.

  7. I hope if they do bring PS1/PS2 classics to PS4 that they look a lot better than they did on PS3. On PS3 they look the same as they did on their original hardware(maybe slightly better because of HDMI) but PS4 could make them look a lot better. Disc based compatibility would be amazing but i know they won't do that.

  8. why announce new ps vita stuff if they said it wasn't working for them before? what about some price dropping on those damn memory cards!!!

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