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ps3 vs ps4 x360 vs xone and ps4 vs xone?


i now have a ps3 and an xbox 360 and i want to buy a next gen cconsole but i have two questions 1.worths its money some tell that ps3 and xbox 360 is the same and even better and the graphics are tha same 2. if finally i decide to buy one which p4 or xbox one should i buy so i can have the best graphics online and gamplay should i buy a next gen console or i should try to play with the old ones plz help


  1. Get a ps4 totally worth it. It’s more expensive than the Xbox one now but it’s worth it. The Xbox one lowered its priced to $349 or something because it’s doing so bad. All ps4 games run in 60 frames per sec and a lot of the Xbox one games are still running at 30 frames. Graphics on ps4 are better and so is the gameplay. Way smoother as well.

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