PS3 wireless connection problem help!!?

PS3 wireless connection problem help!!?


i have home wireless connection and need help to connect it to my PS3 please help me

my home connection has a password so no one beside my family knows

can you tell me how i can connect my home connection on my ps3 do i need a adaptor or can i connect without it


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  1. Step 1

    Make sure that your wireless Internet is turned on and working properly.


    Step 2

    Turn on the Playstation 3 game console.


    Step 3

    Access the “Network Settings” screen under the “Settings” screen in the main menu.


    Step 4

    Select the “Internet Connection” tab and select “yes” when the system displays a new screen.


    Step 5

    Select “easy” on the new screen that pops up asking what type of installation you want to use.


    Step 6

    Select “wireless” when it asks you what type of Internet connection you have.


    Step 7

    Select “scan” on the next screen so that the system searches for all available Internet connections in the area.


    Step 8

    Select your home Internet when the screen pops up displaying the available Internet options.


    Step 9

    Save your settings on the next screen.


    Step 10

    Test the connection to make sure that it works properly.

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