should i get xbox live gold to play online? why or why...

should i get xbox live gold to play online? why or why not?


title says it all
your not going to &$%#*%*#$ing get best awnser for YEAH ME AND MAH BROS THINK ITS FUHN! i want to know what you get.

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  1. Xbox live is really addictive, but its really good too, i suggest you get it, but once your on, you will never get off.

  2. Depends on what you like to play. My boyfriend likes simple player campaign games and therefore isn’t all that interested in playing online. but if you like Halo, CoD and L4D it’s pretty much a certainty that you need to be on Live to get the most out of it.

  3. It depends.

    If you have friends over all the time then definitely get Xbox Live Gold.

    Because you can play with up to 4 people on ONE account.

    While on the other types of membership you can only do One player online.

  4. You should most definetly get an Xbox Live Gold Card because mostly every1 including me bought an Xbox for the Online experience. The online gameplay is much better than the PS3’s and the Wii’s which is kind of boring. {and I know because I have a Wii}

    You can get the Gold membership for either:

    1 Month-$7.99

    3 month-$19.99

    1 year and extra month-$49.99

    PS: The year is the best one because if you waste your money getting a new card every month or 3 months you will end up paying more than $50 for a year.

    Yes its really fun! Get it, you will not regret it.

    I cannot wait to get my Xbox Live!

  5. Cons:

    – Continual cost of service.

    – Dealing with Microsoft.

    -You may get pwned if you try to play online.


    You cannot fully experience the 360 experience without Gold.

    – No parties, no multiplayer (at least on the majority of games), and no Netflix either. Oh, and demos release to silver after Gold members already got them.

  6. honestly if you get live, it will make ur gaming experience a lot better.

    you get DLCs for your favorite games (downloadable content, game add-ons)

    you can get netflix and watch movies when ever you want. alls you need is a netflix account.

    talking to people while you play co-op games can be really fun, or annoying when little 5 year olds squeak into the mic for you to stop killing them so fast 😀

    so, i think youd really like LIVE. an xbox isn’t complete without the 360.and LIVE is definitely the 360 in the xbox.


    if you do get LIVE get the 12 month card, it’ll save you money.

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