Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 3

Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 3


Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 3


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  2. child of light plenty of games out there like that! ori and the blind forest. and it is nothing like SNES RPG's not even close.

  3. Fantastic content! I hope you can do a review on upcoming PS4 titles such as Horizon:Zero Dawn & For Honor. Maybe even do a "Best Games Optimized for PS4pro Vid"!

  4. That Rick James reference…. Hahaha. You lil cuss, you. This guy reminds me of a funny+nice uncle. Just a nice guy hahaha.

  5. I got wwe 2k16 for 20$ I rather consider this one to keep u busy for the new one, just saying great video though I just rather get 2k16

  6. I got Until Dawn for XMAS. It's great! I like horror themed games and this game has many different outcomes.

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