Top 10 Xbox One Console Exclusives Coming 2016

Top 10 Xbox One Console Exclusives Coming 2016


Top 10 Xbox One Console Exclusives Coming 2016

Project Scorpio:  Everything We Know So Far (2016-2017)


  1. Ugggh Can someone help me out here look I got really good grades in my tests so my dad is saying I can buy any Xb1 game I want but I cant decide which game to get so tell me should I get
    Rocket league
    Forza horizon 3
    Gears of War 4
    Battlefield 1

  2. ps4 exclusive
    uncharted 4
    horizon zero down
    last of us2
    outlast 2
    until dawn
    how in the hell
    Xbox one still alive

  3. Recore looks great in the trailer but the actual game when it shows her face up close the graphics need a lot of work.

  4. Disclaimer… I do not own an Xbox One, but i’m thinking about it to diversify my gaming experience.

    Games I would get on this list..

    That’s literally it. I Also would end up buying The Master Cheif Collection.

    That being said, Xbox doesn’t have anything AAA that interests me. Forza and Gears have become stale. And I can play third party games on my PS4. They cancelled ScaleBound, and Quantum Break isn’t that great.

  5. …do PC gamers use a joystick controller or a mouse and keyboard??……. i just cant see how a person can play games (and have fun) without a controller.

  6. What I love, and games like Below prove to be true, is having games with a minimalist style has become very trendy and I like that so we dont need to have so many things rammed down our throat in every game.

  7. I think project Scorpio will be between 499$ and 599$ with there 4K gaming but lowers there price since PlayStations new console comes?

  8. i can't see it costing much more than a ps Pro or they won't be able to complete with Sony and Nintendo

  9. And I still only have the Xbox 360
    And I'll probably not even buy it. I will maybe wait a year so it becomes cheaper

  10. Okay every american complaining about the prices needs to shut up. People with a lower currancy (for example me) had to pay $1000 brand new xbox so please stop complaining.

  11. I feel bad for the people who bought Xbox one S, + who would the S, when it's no different to the Xbox one..playing wise

  12. It's gonna be "upscaled" 4K not Native, just like they did with 720p and 900p on the XB1 – Let me guess > XBS = 1440p " Upscaled" to 4K

  13. 6 to 800 for VR? when the FUCK will you idiots learn that MS isn't Apple… Promise you it will be 5 times better than PSVR, and no more than $500

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