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What’s wrong with my camera on skyrim?


I have skyrim on ps3 and I play it 3rd person. Everythin was good at first but all of a sudden the camera has zoomed right in. It’s so close to the character that 1st person adds no zoom. The character is getting in the way and it’s annoying. When I have my weapon drawn the character is centre screen and it zooms out but I dont want to be running around with my sword out.

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  1. Click and hold the Right Analogue stick in. With this being held in, push forward or backward with the left analogue stick to zoom the camera in or out respectively. Do this in 3rd Person mode.

  2. There’s a button to zoom third person out and in all the way to first person. You have to find it. Report to the Jarl when you do for your reward.

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