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Wireless Router, XBOX LIVE trouble.?


I have Verizon FiOS. I live in a condo type thing. My land-lady owns the wireless networking router in her house, downstairs. I live upstairs and my Xbox Wireless Networking adapter can find the wireless network, but fails to connect when I try. Why is this? I need every possible answer.


When the router is upstairs, and I plug in manually via ethernet thing, it works fine.


Should I buy a wireless router for my room? Would it work still, even with the FiOS one active?

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  1. The router is probably set to broadcast the network name but is secured by a WEP key. That means you can see the network but need to enter a key to access it. The 360 should have a place to enter they key in the vast menus.

    I’ve had routers not accept certain wireless networking adapters until the the router had its firmware updated.

    You can have two routers on one network, but if you can run a wire to the second router, just run a wire to the 360.

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