XBox 360 controller question?

XBox 360 controller question?


I want to buy a controller that has programmable turbo on it, so I can shoot faster with semi-auto guns in Call of Duty WaW.

First of all, do they even make those kind of controllers for the 360? And secondly, if I DID use one, would that count as a ‘modded’ controller and get me in trouble with XBox Live?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Turbo controllers do exist, but they’re pretty expensive and yes, they are considered cheating by using them on Live. CoD players can usually spot them pretty quickly and will report you. You will be suspended from Live and Treyarch will drop your rank down in CoD along with taking your grenades and announcing at the beginning of all games you play that you’ve cheated in bright red ink. IMO, people who cheat should be left with nothing but a pistol and no perks at all. Just play the games and have fun. It ruins it for everyone when some loser needs to cheat to win.

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